Easy way to do it (try FreeBSD on Efika MX)

I wrote script, just to make your life a bit easy, in case you want to try FreeBSD on Genesi Efika MX of course :) MAKE_EFIKA_MX.sh - script itself __MAKE_EFIKA_MX_IMAGE.sh - wrapper to run script on md(memory disk) devices instead of real SD and USB flash.

And here is results: Efika_MX_SD_card.img.xz - image for SD (just only U-Boot, but already aligned by 0x1000 for IMX format) Efika_MX_USB_Flash.img.xz - full world for 2G+ USB stick (surprisingly small, only 71M in xz)

To make efika mx bootable USB flash (with U-Boot on SD) just run: ./MAKE_EFIKA_MX.sh da0 da4 smartbook

where da0 - SD dev da4 - USB dev smartbook - model (smartbook/smarttop, both have only different U-Boot binaries)

Let me know anything you have done with that :)

Many thanks to Genesi for hardware and help! And Genesi’s Powerdeveloper program!

Oleksandr Rybalko a.k.a. Ray
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