Setup FreeBSD to Efika MX (draft)

It’s just my vision. So anyone who have better idea, please notify me about it and we will correct that document. Then I will reuse it to make “official” guide.

  1. Invert all 4 swiches smarttop - 4x DIP switch inside small window on bottom side (for debug board) smartbook - 4x DIP switch under keyboard (remove/install keyboard with care)
  2. Insert SD card (will prepare image for card when make sdhci works)
  3. Power on device it will do:
  4. 1st uboot init mmc/SD subsystem
  5. Find boot script on 1st FAT partition
  6. Run script
  7. Script load/run 2nd uboot
  8. 2nd uboot init USB, SD, PATA
  9. load/run ubldr
  10. ubldr find UFS and load/run kernel
  11. There must be customized bsdinstall, which must help to:
  12. make FAT/EXTFS partition on PATA SSD
  13. Install bootscript/uboot(second)/ubldr
  14. Make his regular job to install distribution to UFS partition

(huh, enough for first time)

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Oleksandr Rybalko a.k.a. Ray
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